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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ Pronoun

เรื่องของ Pronoun -> I You We He She It They 

I - ฉัน แทนการพูดถึงตัวเอง 
You - เธอ แทนการพูดถึงคนที่พูดอยู่ด้วย
We - พวกเรา  แทนการพูดถึงกลุ่มคนที่รวมตัวเราด้วย
He - เขา  แทนการพูดถึงคน 1 คนที่เป็นผู้ชาย เช่น Mr.Tom, uncle, postman
She - หล่อน  แทนการพูดถึงคน 1 คนที่เป็นผู้หญิง เช่น Ms.Lisa, aunt, sister
It - มัน แทนการพูดถึงสัตว์ 1 ตัว หรือ สิ่งของ 1 สิ่ง เช่น The dog, a pencil
They - พวกมัน แทนการพูดถึงกลุ่มของคน สัตว์หรือสิ่งของ เช่น dogs, pens, Nan and Tom

Put a proper Pronoun

1.  Children likes to play games.  ___________  are playing football game.

2. My mother is in the garden.  ___________ likes pink flowers.

3. Teddy and I are students.  ___________ are in school.

4. Cats and dogs are in the house.  ___________ are sleeping.

5. A man is in the party.   __________ eats soup.

6. A woman has a new book.     ___________ gives the book to me.

7. A bird is on the tree.   _____________ is yellow.

8. Tom, Nid, and Nan are cooking.       ___________ are in the kitchen.

9. I see books on the table.  ___________ are old.

10. I and Joy have money.  _________ go to the market.

11. A lot of toys are dirty.  ____________  are on the floor.

12. A picture is very beautiful but  ______________  is too big.

13. I have 10 rose apples and 5 sugar apples. ___________ are 15 in total.

14.  My uncle does not like swimming. _______________  likes to play football.

15. My aunt is a nurse.  ___________ works in the hospital.

16. Mike's sister is in the shop.  ____________ is the shopkeeper.

17. Nan's brother works in airplane.  ______________ is a pilot.

18. Susan's sisters like jack fruits.   ___________ do not like coconuts.

19.  His grandmother is 70 years old now, but ______________ is very strong.

20.  Her grandfather works at dental clinic.  __________ is dentist.

21.  Her rabbits are sick.  ___________ are in the hospital.

22. Jack is farmer.  ____________ works in the fields.

23. Many sheep are eating.  _____________ are in the farm.

24. A deer is running.  ________  runs very fast.

25. This butter is cheap.  ____________ is from supermarket.

26. My mother gives me some rice. ______________ is very hot.

27. I am eating some bread.  ______________ is very yummy.

28. My aunt buys a new knife. __________ is very sharp.

29. There a lot of boxes.  ___________ are very heavy.

30. I'm sharping these pencils.  _________ are blunt.

31. That girl is very pretty. ___________ wares pink skirt.

32. That hairdresser cuts my hair.  _____________ makes me ugly.

33. My father gives money to a barber. _______ says thank you to my father.

34. Many policemen are in that house. _______ are looking at the broken door.

35. How are you today? __________ am fine. Thank you.

1-5 They  She  We  They  He
6-10 She  It  They  They  We
11-15 They  It  They  He  She
16-20 She  He  They  She  He
21 - 25 They  He  They  It  It
26 - 30 She  It  It  They  They  
31 - 35 She  She  He They I