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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #4 - About country

English: unseen passage #4 - About country


Read and find the best answer.

Thailand is our country.  We have Thai nationality and speak Thai.  Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. Many of Thai people are Buddhist. There are 3 seasons in Thailand.  They are winter, summer, and rainy season.  The weather now is very hot.  Tomorrow is Songkran Day. There are 3 colors on Thai flag. The shape of Thailand on the map is ax.

1. Who are we?
a. Japan           b. Thailand            c. Thai

2. What month is it now?
a. January        b. April                  c. September

3. What is the season now ?
a. Summer       b. Rainy season    c. Winter

4. What colors do you see on Thai flag?
a. Blue and White             b. Red, Blue, White         c. Red, Yellow, White

5. Where do Buddhist go?
a. Church         b. Buddha            c. Temple

6. Where can we see the shape of Thailand?
a. map            b. ax                     c. capital

7. Which one is false?
a. Thailand is city.
b. Thailand's capital is Bangkok.
c. Monks are in temple.

8. temple -> monk
a. church -> Catholic
b. church -> priest
c. church -> Jesus Christ

9. Thailand -> Thai
a. Japanese -> Japan
b. England -> London
c. England -> English

10. Is today April 13?
a. No, it is
b. Yes, it is
c. No, it is not.