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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #2 - About day and color

English: unseen passage - about day and color

เนื้อเรื่องนี้เน้นคำเกี่ยวกับวัน และ สี

Monday  Tuesday   Wednesday  Thursday  Friday   Saturday   Sunday
yellow     pink         green            orange     blue      purple        red

gray     black       white        violet   

Today      Yesterday        Tomorrow          Week         Day        Month         Year           Date

Today is October 24, 2012. It is on Wednesday.  I go to school early.  I talk to my teachers and my friends.  Lisa gives me a pink eraser because it is my birthday.  Nancy gives me a green ruler.  Joy gives me a colorful pencil case.  I put them on my desk.

1. What date is yesterday?
a. October 23, 2012
b. October 24, 2012
c. October 25, 2012

2. What day is tomorrow?
a. Tuesday
b. Wednesday
c. Thursday

3. How many gifts do I have?

4. Where do I put all gifts?

5. Who gives me a green gift?

6. what have many colors?
a. eraser
b. eraser and ruler
c. pencil case

7. When is my birthday?

8. Where am I?

9. Do I go to school late?

10. Who do I talk to at school?

Color Practice

1. What colors begin with "gr"?

2. What colors begin with "bl"?

3. What colors begin with "b"?

4. What colors begin with "p"?

5. What color is the opposite of "Black" color?

6. What color is the name of a fruit?

7. What is your blood color?

8. What is the color of Monday?

9. What color do you like best?