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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #5 - About Family

English: unseen passage #5 - About family

Read and answer.

Eddy lives in Bangkok with his family.  His father is a dentist. His name is Tom.  His mother is a teacher. Her name is Mary.  He has one younger brother and one younger sister.  They are Minnie and Mickey. His grandmother and grandfather are in the same house too.  Today is Eddy's birthday.  His uncle John takes his son and daughter to Eddy's house.   They are Susan and Mike.  They gives Eddy a big robot.  They all have a party together.

1. How many people live in Eddy's house?
a. 4                  b. 6                 c.9

2. What's True?
a. Mike lives in Tom's house.
b. John is Tom's nephew.
c. Susan is Tom's niece.

3. Why do they give a big robot to Eddy?
a. Because it is Eddy's birthday.
b. Because it is Merry Christmas.
c. Because they do not like robot.

4. Who are Susan and Mike?
a. Eddy's friends.
b. Eddy's cousin.
c. Eddy's brother and sister.

5. Is the birthday party at Minnie's house?
a. No, it is not.
b. Yes, it does.
c. Yes, it is.

6. Where does Mary's grandmother live?
a. Mickey's house
b. Uncle John's house
c. in the party.

7. Who is John?
a. Tom's older brother.
b. Tom's father.
c. Eddy's father.

8. When is Eddy's birthday?
a. Yesterday.
b. Next month.
c. Today.