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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ - คำศัพท์ เกี่ยวกับบ้าน

ภาษาอังกฤษ - คำศัพท์ สิ่งของในบ้าน

television            lamp     telephone      refrigerator      speaker               
air-conditioner    sofa      pillow            garage             stairs 
rice cooker          iron      toilet              kettle               towel       curtain     
 toaster                radio     sink               mirror             closet       carpet

1.I can’t sleep. It’s too hot. Please turn on ______________.

2.The _______________ seems to have some problem.  I can’t hear anything.

3.An electric _______________ automates the process of rice streaming or boiling by controlling heat and timing.

4.I cannot see my mother’s bed room from outside because the _______________ are closed.

5.In summer pork and beef easily go bad.  You must keep them in the _______________.

6.I want to use this _______________ to remove wrinkles from my favorite skirt.

7.She is putting the _______________ on the gas to boil some water.

8.What’s your favourite _______________ program to watch tonight? 

9.Let me use your  _______________ to call Jim for the coming meeting.

10.Students practice English conversation by listening to the  _______________.

11.Don’t take any food in the room.  If it falls down, my  _______________ will be dirty.

12.It’s too dark.  Please turn on the _______________.

13.Could I have a _______________and blanket?

14.All the kids sit on the _______________ in the dining room.

15.Wipe your body with this _______________.

16.I use the _______________ to toast bread.

17.I ask my teacher to go to _____________ during the class.

18.Please put your dirty dishes in the _____________.

19. Jim hangs all shirts in the _____________.

20.When I make up my face, I always look in the _____________.

21.Please park your car in the ______________.

22.Please use the ____________  because the elevator is out of order.