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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #3 - vehicle

English - unseen passage #3 - vehicle

เน้นเรื่อง Vehicle กันดีกว่า

คำศัพท์เกีี่ยวกับ พาหนะ

bicycle       truck          van        taxi         boat        plain        car

Jane and I take a taxi to go to the Toto zoo. Jim go to the zoo by car. The zoo is very big. We see many animals by public van.  In the zoo, there is a beautiful park and lake. We ride bicycles around the park.  We see four boats in the lake and 2 plains in the sky.  

1. How many people go the zoo in the passage?


2. What is the zoo name?


3. How do they go the zoo?
a. By car and taxi            b. By boat and car
c. By boat and plain

4. What are in the lake?


5. Where are the plains?


6. How do they see animals in the zoo?
a. By foot                  b. By van
c. By bicycle

7. Why do they use public van to see animals?
a. Because the zoo is very dangerous.
b. Because the zoo is very beautiful.
c. Because the zoo is very big.

8. Do they ride bicycles to around the lake?
a. No, they do.
b. No, they do not.
c. Yes, they do.

9. How many boats and plains do they see?


10. Do they see trucks in the park?