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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #6 - about fruit

ภาษาอังกฤษ unseen passage #6 - about fruit

Read the following passage and answer the questions.

My mother and I go to a market.  There are many fruits in the market.  We buy 10 rose apples, 5 sugar apples, 2 coconuts,  6 red apples, and a pomelo.  I like pineapple, but it is not in the market.  The shopkeeper gives us a jackfruit for free.   We give 5 rose apples and 3 red apples to Jenny.  Jenny is my mother’s sister.  She works in a hospital.  My grandfather likes sugar apples very much.  We give him all sugar apples.    

1. Where do they go? ________________________________

2. Do they buy a pineapple?  _____________________________________

3. How many fruits do they get from the market? __________________________________

4. Who like sugar apples?  ______________________________________

5. How many fruits do they give to Jenny? ____________________________________________

6. What fruits do they give to Jenny?________________________________________

7. Who is Jenny?
         a. aunt                b.  grandmother         c. uncle         d. niece

8. What is Jenny?
       a. carpenter        b. pilot           c. nurse          d. hairdresser

9. How many sugar apples do they give to grandfather?  __________________________

10. The word, We,  means ____________________________________________

11. The word, She, means ____________________________________________

12. Is the shopkeeper kind? _____________________________________________