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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ - some, any

Some, Any
ทั้ง some และ any  ใช้กับคำนามที่ไม่ต้องการระบุจำนวนหรือระบุจำนวนไม่ได้  จึงใช้กับนามนับได้ในรูปพหูพจน์เท่านั้น  หรือ นามนับไม่ได้
some cows , some men, some milk, some water
any cats, any women, any oil, any butter

Some ใช้ในประโยคบอกเล่า ใช้ในประโยคคำถามเชิงขอร้อง เชิงบริการ และเชิงแนะนำ
I have some butter. 
I have some pens.
Could you please give me some water? (ร้องขอน้ำ)
Would you like some coffee?  (บริการกาแฟ)
Why don’t you give him some food?  (แนะนำให้บริจาคอาหาร)

Any ใช้ในประโยคปฏิเสธ และ ส่วนใหญ่ในประโยคคำถาม
I do not have any butter.
She does not have any books.
Do you have any dogs?

Does he have any water?

Time to practice.

Fill in sentences with "some" or "any".

1. Do you have  ____________ pictures?

2. I have _________ computers in my house.

3. She has __________ butter in the kitchen.

4. Do you give the dog _______ food?

5. Why don't you give the dog _________ food?

6. Would you like to give him _______ money?

7. I do not have __________ pens.

8. Nancy gets __________ good presents on their birthday.

9.  Can I have ______ sugar?

10. There are ____________ boxes on the table.

11. Is there __________  milk in the fridge?

12. Does Mike have _________ brothers or sisters?

13. Would you like _______ tea?

14.  I do not have ________ money to buy this bag.

15. Do they have _______ Thai friends?

16. Could you give me ________ advice, please?

17. I am doing _________ exercises.

18. He got _________  pepper from his neighbor. 

19. I need to buy __________ bottles of milk in the store.

20. Pinky has ___________ bread for her breakfast.

21. There isn't _________ rice in the kitchen.

22.  Are there ________  nice cheese in this town?

23. Does she have ________ children?

24. I haven't got ________ bonus from my company.

25. She gets _________ mangoes from the market.

26. There aren't ____________ students in the school.

27. Don't take _________ photographs here.

28. Jim hasn't _________ bucks today.

29. Don't bring __________ dirty shoes in the house.

30. There is __________ food on the table.

1-5  any, some, some, any, some
6-10 some, any, some, some, some
11-15 any, any, some, any, any
16-20 some, some, some,some,some
21-25 any, any, any, any, some
26-30 any, any, any, any, some