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ติว ภาษาอังกฤษ - Objective Pronoun

แบบฝึกหัด Objective Pronoun

Objective Pronoun:  me, you, us, him, her, it, them

Fill in Objective Pronoun

1.The policemen are around that house.  There is some loud noise from ___________.

2.The dog is very happy when I play with ___________.

3.Mrs.Linda is our guess. We give a present to ___________.

4.Tom and I take a flight to Japan.  The company sends ___________ to see some customers.

5.My uncle’s bench is broken.  That carpenter is fixing ___________.

6.Don’t put your shoes on the floor. Please put ___________ on the shoe storage.

7.Today is Nan’s birthday. I give ___________ a big doll.

8.Please do not give ___________ some fast food.  I’m on diet.

9.That waitress provides bad service to many customers. The Customers refuse to tip ___________.

10.That actor is voted to be the best actor. Our principal gives ___________ a STAR award.

11.Our grandmother likes to cook for ___________.  We love ___________ very much.

12.Don’t touch ___________. She lies to many people a lot.

13.Ask ___________ if you don’t know about the MS Words. I have learnt ___________ since last year.

14.Those children come to the class late many times. The teacher asks___________ to provide some reason.

15.If you see a young lady in the lobby, please let ___________ know as soon as possible.

16.I am so proud of ___________.  You help the old man cross the street.

17.Joey and I are friends. Both of ___________ are soccer players.

18.Panda borrows some books from the library. She needs to return ___________ within 3 days.

19.All plants need light to grow up. Without ___________, the plants will die.

20.That barber cuts my little brother’s hair. My father gives ___________ 120 baht for the service.

1-5: them, it, her, us, it
6-10: them, her, me, her,him
11-15: us/her, her, me/it, them, her
16-20: you, us, them, it, him